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Cheryl Akle has been a book lover since she first read Where the Wild Things Are at the age of five. Years later, Cheryl got her first job working with books at Marrickville Library in Sydney, where she learned first-hand the difference books can make to children’s and even adults’ lives.

in 2014, Cheryl launched Better Reading, a book recommendation website that has a reading community of over 200,000 followers and an average daily reach of 500,000 people.

I started Better Reading because people often confess to me they have not read for some years simply because they don’t know what to read. It’s challenging!

In her spare time, Cheryl enjoys reading, cooking and entertaining at her home in Petersham, Sydney, where she lives with George and John Brown, her two fluffy white dogs.

I met Cheryl when she invited me to join her (along with authors, Max Barry and Todd Alexander) on her Youtube channel, The Book Circle to promote The Russian Tapestry.

More recently, I met with Cheryl again when she invited me and author, Suzanne Leal to join her on Better Reading Book Club

Cheryl’s passion for books is infectious and her entrepreneurial spirit is nothing short of inspirational. I feel privileged for the opportunity to have Cheryl as my guest blogger  for this month. So without further ado, let’s take a look at her tips in finding the next great read.

Cheryl’s 3 Tips on Finding Your Next Great Read.

Tip 1.

Read reviews and recommendations in newspapers, journals, and of course go to the Better Reading website or Facebook page. So many great books come out each and every month, it can be overwhelming. Let someone else curate the best of the best for you.

Tip 2.

Ask friends, family and colleagues what they’re reading, I often pick up recommendations from friends. As an added bonus, you’ve already got a mini Book Club to discuss it with.

Tip 3.

Visit your local bookshop or library. Just go up and say you’re looking for a great read, and ask what they’d recommend – they’ll be happy to share their picks!

So, here you have it: three great ways to rediscover books. And believe me once, you’ve regained your love of books, there’s no going back. You’re hooked for life!

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In the meantime, checkout Better Reading’s website and join their Facebook’s Book Club on the last Wednesday of every month.

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