The Russian Tapestry

The Russian Tapestry Book cover

A captivating tale of struggle, loyalty and love, inspired by a true story.

From St. Petersburg, 1913, to Estonia, 1919, and beyond, THE RUSSIAN TAPESTRY spans wars, revolution and friendships that will grow as strong as the surrounding turmoil.

Marie Kulbas, the daughter of a wealthy merchant, is excited about her new life in the vibrant city of St. Petersburg. But as World War I escalates, she must farewell those dearest to her when her brother and her fiance leave for the German Front.

Colonel Alexei Serov comes from a long line of professional soldiers. Leading his men is his birthright and his duty; his allegiance to Russia surpasses everything, including his obligations to his wife and family. His role is clear until he meets Marie and suddenly emotions rise in him he has never felt before.

As their world crumbles, Marie and Alexei discover a love that they will cling to in their search for a path to safety